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“To try and tame her is unjust! Born to be wild and free and to let loose her inner sexy she’ll pin you down & tame you first”

This price ($250) includes Full SAVAGE costume just as seen in picture, refreshments on the road, lunch and entry to the carnival village.



Payments for SAVAGE & PASSION costumes must be done online only

● NO exchange or switching of sections.

● NO changing of measurements or sizes

● NO Returns accepted


NB: this form must be filled out in full.  I will not judge for the person. I will only use the information on this form to make the costume and will not be responsible if the information put here  is wrong and the costume doesn’t fit right.  Any modifications  or alterations after completion will be subject to a $50 fee.

Please also note the following pertinent information:

Costume choices:

* one piece with feather collar: $250

*Two piece with  feather collar : $250

* wire bra and high cut panty with feather collar : $300

*Two piece costume without collar : $180

*T shirt option (swimsuit with ROTR logo printed on it and a tiara) : $150

*feather headpiece add on : $30

*modification fee ( includes final costume adjustments, cost of bras larger than DD, changing back of one piece to full panty, changing panty bottoms to any other style and any other variation from original styles as advertised) : $50

*individualization charge ( this is where a person might want a costume that is completely different from what has been advertised and only individual to them and their group) : $350

Down payment on all options is $150 and is required before starting any costume.  This is also non-refundable and non-negotiable. I will not start until this down payment is met and the registration form above is completely filled out.  Down payments must be delivered to me by the following dates:


May 15: one piece and wire bra options

May 31: two piece option

June 10: t shirt option and all second payments for costumes above.

Second and final payments must be made by June 10.

Other important dates:

I will accommodate one fitting session for any one who ordered and made deposit by May 14. I will carry out measurements and fittings for any costumes started on this day at a time and place TBA.

I will make deliveries of all costumes, boxed and sealed to you in the week of June 18 ( carnival week).

If anything in this email is unclear or you need additional information please feel free to email or call (213) 524 5299

DISCLAIMER: All payments are non-refundable and masqueraders who fail to issue the full payment on or before June 10th 2017 will forfeit any and all monies initially issued in part payment of the deposit.

Band Size

32, 34, 36, 38

Cup Size

A, B, C, D, DD

Bikini Size

S, M, L, XL


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