REGGAE ON THE ROAD                            

Established 2014

Jump, wave, wine, get on bad, free up yuhself! ROTR presents Dancer’s Paradise, watch as we transform Hollywood Blvd into the maddest street party featuring some of the wickedest dancers & artists from around the world with live performances all throughout the day.

Our 2018 presentation for Hollywood Carnival includes two sections entitled Rude Gyal and Dancehall Queen.

Dark and seductive, A RUDE GYAL is the baddest gyal in the party, her wine is dangerous, her look is fierce, she comes to slay.

Full of charisma and charm DANCEHALL QUEEN is the reigning showstopper of the dancehall. Her seductive movements will captivate you from the moment she steps on the dance floor.



Powered by OneHundread Production and Krossfayah Sound, Reggae on the Road is the only Dancehall inspired mas band in Hollywood Carnival.

Hailing from Jamaica, the Reggae on the Road team strives to create a truly one of kind mas experience, drawing from a long history of providing the largest, most exciting Caribbean life style events on the West Coast. If you’ve ever been to any of their events, you know to expect; from the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out you will be dancing, drinking, eating the best Caribbean Cuisine LA has to offer, laughing at the comical personalities of the hosts, and most of all, taking part in a community that embraces you as family. It is truly an all inclusive entertainment experience.

World class DJ’s from Jamaica, Trinidad, Belize, St. Lucia, and Barbados play dancehall, soca, afrobeat, and reggae, attracting dancers and a diverse crowd of patrons from all over the world. This is the formula that puts their mas experience into overdrive and drives masqueraders into a frenzy on the road. All of these elements come together to create an atmosphere centered around giving patrons the ultimate experience of pure fun and celebration of life.

So where does Reggae on the Road get its deep rooted history from?

Based in Hollywood, “The Party Minister” of OneHundread Production and “DJ Courtesy” of Krossfayah Sound make a team as unique as the events they throw.

Reggae on the Road’s host and founder, entertainment mogul, “The Party Minister” aka “Crazy Chris” first started the band as a part of Hollywood Carnival (LACF) to showcase and share the beauty and diversity of Caribbean culture through music, arts, and cuisine with a focus on the appreciation of dancehall and reggae infused cultures.

Starting his __ year career in Caribbean entertainment in Jamaica as the entertainment director of

The Party Minister is responsible for bringing the first all inclusive 3 day Caribbean festival, Beach RoadTrip Weekend (BRT) to the West Coast for 3 consecutive years, where you can catch him on the mic alongside his partner in crime DJ Courtesy.

DJ Courtesy of Krossfayah Sound has been leading the Caribbean music scene on the west coast since 2002, as LA’s hottest Caribbean DJ, known for bringing dancehall to Hollywood, with the longest running dancehall night in Club Couture/Sation1640 every Tuesday.

Together the two have started the other hottest night in Hollywood dancehall, Fayah Sundays, which has been a hit since its inception in September of 2016.

Reggae on the Road (ROTR) is growing every year. Look for Reggae on the Road in a city near you.

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